Simply Pawsitive

Just some of our recent graduates!

Dog & Puppy Training in Falkirk & West Lothian

Welcome to Simply Pawsitive. We offer group puppy training classes and dog training classes in Falkirk, as well as one to one training. Simply Pawsitive is based around the simple idea that every dog has the ability to learn and every dog owner has the power to teach.

My name is Jill and I am a qualified dog trainer. I am the owner and sole dog trainer with Simply Pawsitive. Most importantly, I am the proud mum of Rye and Tonic, my golden retrievers.

Our dog training classes are held in Callendar Park, Falkirk, which is centrally located and within 30 minutes of Stirling, Cumbernauld and West Lothian.

  • Puppy & Dog Training Classes in Callendar Park Falkirk
  • One to One training for Puppies & Dogs
  • ABTC registered trainer & member of NICE
  • Only proven, reward based methods used
  • Next set of puppy & dog training classes start on 7th July

Puppy Training & Socialisation

Practical puppy training, ensuring you have a happy puppy who is well-behaved.


Group Dog Training

Dog training classes in Callendar Park Falkirk suitable for all breeds and all ages.

Any age of dog classes

One to One Training

Simply Pawsitive also offers one to one sessions for dog and puppy training.


Taking a pawsitive approach to common problems

I offer practical, tailored dog training lessons which are proven to give real results. Our training will show you how positive training methods work, and how they can solve the issues that all dog owners face.

Simply Pawsitive training bundles are specifically designed to target common issues or concerns, including welcoming a new dog into your family, recall training, and tackling or preventing lead pulling.

New Dog Package

Bringing a new dog into your home is an exciting experience, we're here to help make it seamless too.

Recall Training

Making sure your dog comes back to you, regardless of any distracions, is an essential skill.

Prevent Lead Pulling

Walking on a lead is an important skill that all dogs need to learn.  It's essential in keeping them safe.

What does it mean to use Positive Training?

Positive dog training methods are the kindest and most successful way of dog and puppy training. Using rewards, positive attention and positive reinforcement, they ensure your dog or pup will follow your commands whilst building a bond of love, respect and trust.

Positive methods are tested and proven to work. They are not just the most effective way to train your dog - positive training lessons are fun for both you and your dog.

Simply Pawsitive offers friendly and non-judgemental training. Learning with your dog should be fun and rewarding for you both.