Recall Training

Group Recall Training Classes

Dogs need to return when called, everytime.  Making sure your dog comes back to you, regardless of any distractions, is essential.  Good recall will ensure your dog is safe and happy.

Recall is the most important lesson any dog can learn.  A good recall command can literally save your dog’s life.

It’s also something that many dogs and owners struggle with, as you’ll know if you’ve ever had to chase your dog through a park!  If you’ve ever found yourself calling your dog’s name, becoming more and more frustrated as your dog ignores you, this training class is for you.


  • Four week course, with each course starting on the first Sunday of the month
  • Classes limited to 6 dogs max
  • Fun and supportive learning environment

Available for a limited time only


What will you learn at our group recall classes?

This training class is a great follow on class for dogs and pups who have difficulty with recall, or for owners who want to develop a better recall.  We will cover

  • Coming back to you from dogs, smells, food and toys
  • Walking next to you off the lead, past other dogs and distractions
  • Not picking up things they find, from a distance
  • A sit command, from a distance

What to expect from our classes

Learn in a friendly, supportive environment with Simply Pawsitive

  • Maximum 6 dogs per Class
  • Fun, reward based training methods used
  • Prebooking Required

I only use positive training methods.  This means training through play, rewards, and having fun, building a positive bond between you and your dog.

Each class is limited to only six dogs, so your puppy will get the attention they deserve.  There's no sitting around, waiting for your turn to demonstrate.  Classes are fast paced, with a real focus on fun for both you and your dog.

Learn in a friendly, supportive environment with Simply Pawsitive

The classes are a four week course, with each course starting on the first Sunday in the month.

One to one recall training also available

Simply Pawsitive can teach you how to have a dog who returns to you on command, everytime.

Using positive training methods which are fun for your dog, I can show you the essential skills you need to ensure your dog is safe and happy.

I offer 1-2-1 training sessions which focus on recall, as well as group classes for recall training.  You will learn how to ensure your dog returns to your side, on command, everytime you need them to.

Contact Simply Pawsitive to book your training session, today.


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